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The Benefits

Every carrier strives to deliver parcels to their recipients first time, every time. However, on average across the industry, between 8-12% are carded. Cards result in repeated trips for couriers and potentially upset customers. By providing choice and placing control in the hands of the consumer, Parcel for Me greatly improves first time delivery success.

Exact Location

Parcel for Me captures geo-coordinates of consumers. Even if a carrier has never delivered to an address before, Parcel for Me supplies these details to the carrier with each delivery.

1st Time Delivery

Enabling the customer to choose delivery options, including day definite/nominated date of delivery services helps to effect first time delivery, particularly in combination with exact location information.

Reduced Carded Deliveries

More first time deliveries mean less cards. Less redeliveries mean significantly lower operational costs and more effective use of human resources.

New Services

The retailer's Parcel for Me plug-in makes it a piece of cake for consumers to choose premium delivery options, click & collect and International services. Any new carrier service can be added with a click of a button.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Reducing the number of re-deliveries reduces the impact on the environment resulting in a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

Support Personal Parcel Lockers

Parcel for Me supports parcel lockers both carrier owned and personal, supporting one use unlock codes delivered to driver handhelds.